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FTP Upload

To perform an upload, click the “Browse…” button. Browse your computer for the file that you wish to upload. Select the file and click “Open”. The file that you have selected to upload will now display in the blank field below. Repeat this again for the second field below if you have more than 1 file to send. Click on the “Upload Files” button and the file(s) will be uploaded to the server. If you have more than 2 files to send, just repeat this procedure again after the first set of files has completed uploading.

Notice: Large files take longer to upload. Do not close your browser until the FTP window refreshes and you receive the notification that your uploaded file(s) have been successfully received. If your browser times out, then there has been an error … try the upload again. Otherwise, closing your browser will cancel this upload.

We only allow the following file types for upload: .pdf, .igs, .dwg, .dxf, .stp, .3dm.

Or, you may e-mail your files to us as an attachment. 
Please send them to:

ps: we also still remember (and accept) paper blueprints!